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Who we are

The project itself born in Menorca, that little, precious and well preserved island with liquid gold surrounding its coasts.

The three main founders born in this Balearic island and grow sorrounded of the clear blue waters with a strong compromise: be part of the blue revolution and help in the movement of decarbonization.

The three members are composing a perfect link to give the right balance to the project. Two of them are naval and automotive engineers with a wide vision of the current transition from combustion to electric mobility and with a long experience in nautic engineering. The third member and main investor is an expert in entrepreneurship, strategy & communications.

We really want to mantain and protect the special biosphere that this island contains which is a special feature of its personality. All our values are aligned to be compromised with these objectives. That is why the project itself born and grow with a clear vision: to be the referent in the nautic transition and in the blue revolution.

Welcome to the next generation of electric outboards which will help us to keep the soul of coasts and protect its biodiversity.

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